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At the St. Martin’s church in Koekelare, it was Saturday morning to say goodbye to Charlotte and Gysel. The 18-year-old, to welcome the young woman came out on the 27th of september to support life after a serious accident in Kortemark. The accident was caused by a drunken man. “The message to everyone is clear. Alcohol and driving never go together.”

however, great St Martin’s church in Koekelare Saturday, is too small for anyone to take it. An hour before the start of the uitvaartplechtigheid Charlotte, Gysel, there were people in them. It was a great afscheidsplechtigheid filled with music, which is something that Charlotte from him. At the beginning of the ceremony, a video of her final exam in piano playing. As a former teacher, during the homily of the word. “She was a very popular figure, says dutifully, warm, friendly, and honest.” The teacher told me that she just last month, a message was given by Charlotte. “I was just in the grave of a former student in Bovekerke visited a flower to be placed. It’s hard to believe that I’m such a flower, for I’m sure you’ll make it.”

The leerkrachte read some of the testimonials. Among others, the words of one grandmother, Charlotte, were to be read aloud. “We feel anger and want for the just cause. We will provide an important link in the family to miss out on. Leave a message for everyone, to be clear: alcohol and driving never go together.”

2,39 per cent

The accident occurred Friday evening along with the Koekelarestraat in Edewalle, a small village in Kortemark. Charlotte, Gysel rode with her in a Fiat 500 when they are head-on, it was hit by a pick-up from the 38-year-old man. He was in the spookrijden, and at the time of the accident, 2,39 per cent of alcohol in his blood. He was, according to witnesses, a lot of people. The young woman survived the impact, no.

The Oekraïner himself was seriously wounded. He broke three vertebrae and one of his ankles. He was, therefore, not in itself, in the district court are not present. “He may have to have surgery and will be here for a while on his hospital bed unable to work out,” said the lawyer. “That man is being torn apart by a mistake. He has two children, including an eighteen-year period. He continues to say that he regrets it, but he also realizes that that means. That shows, however, that he has a conscience.”

now The road hog is no stranger to the courts. On the 2nd of may he was at the Brussels court and a driving ban of three months for driving under the influence, and vluchtmisdrijf. In addition, there could also be a fraud for the man to walk away. Though a lawyer doesn’t know it.

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