this Time it should be a really big jump. Beyond the borders of the field, from the halls, and into the heart of the Sport and the consumer world to the next Generation, especially in the cities. The German Handball is on a Mission in this world Cup, which starts on Thursday with the match of the national team against Korea. And is hip. Just how?

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

The findings, there is nothing else to quibble about: The football? Miles, galaxies away, even as the Bob Hanning says the Anzhi boar and creators of the German hand ball. And then? The Basketball comes already with its a lot of diver culture, a mixture of Styles sera, it is highly attractive for a young audience, across all levels and nationalities. The has an invaluable advantage, its high presence in the virtual world, the cosmos of the E-Games, which you do not need to be sports, but the loyalty of the next Generation of huge importance.

The football, this is still a traditionally-inspired, in the German regionalism rooted in sports, in the grinding to get power. At least, if one thinks on a large scale, such as Hanning does. In many locations, organic everything looks and to be healthy. In Flensburg, for instance, that one can save himself from the young hardly. In the niche of basketball lives.

but not to satisfy, therefore, the jump in the metropolises, the largest cities and stadiums in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg. Therefore, a smart Design, for the experts from Jung von Matt in the boat were taken. You could almost say that The handball players, this is a protogenic guys with their beards, have teamed up with other beards together – the smart from the world of agencies. On the result, you may be curious, yet in any case, the countries exude games under German roofs are still a booming, rather monotonous gossip paperboard, of a kind charm.