as a result of a complaint by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the food Chain (FASFC), the kitchen, the perfect starting point for a college at Dinant, in the province of Namur is controlled, and closed. The clear presence of the rodent species for the PRODUCTION of the response to the temporary closure of the kitchen to explain. The belgian food safety agency has taken to ensure that the continuity of the provision of services to students and their parents will be secure at all times. That the report of the belgian food safety agency on Thursday, in a press release.

The PRODUCTION in the second half of september, in a school, in the county of Namur visit to the premises to inspect them, and where meals for the students were prepared and served. As a result of the findings made on-site, the PRODUCTION order is given to the kitchen staff of the school to temporarily close.

The presence of rats or their feces shows that the basic principles of food safety cannot be sufficiently controlled, and it is one of the most serious violations, that is, strict measures are justified, according to the federal agency (afsca). One of the most important risks that are associated with the disease, leptospirosis.

in Order to ensure that the children are in good conditions, breakfast can be enjoyed, the belgian food safety agency to ensure that the preparation and delivery of meals, temporarily, by an external operation has been performed. After the first re-checking, the PRODUCTION allowed, that the meals may be broken.

In the course of the month of October, the kitchen is where the food prepared will be controlled. If all of the above, the work shall be subject to the protection of children’s rights to food safety to ensure the school meals are back on-the-spot preparation, according to the federal agency (afsca).

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