An oasis of tranquility in the midst of the big city. Gorgeous – especially in Frankfurt, where courses of this kind are in the shadow of the Bank towers rar. Less glorious is it, to experience distaste in an oasis of tranquility in the daily work. To be suspended, while around the transport tost. And to try, unsuccessfully, to the speed of the other part. Those contemporaries who come to the Internet in the enjoyment of hundreds of megabits. This needs Daniel Nicolai and Caroline Winter to know. “Right in the heart of Frankfurt, only speeds from the last century are represented,” said Nicolai as Director of the English Theatre in may last year.

Thorsten Winter

business editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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There lay behind him and the public, worker, Winter, several start-UPS in the German Internet capital on a quick network. But since a couple of days of Nicolai and the Winter service are online at a snail’s pace on the go. Just in time before the approaching vote in the British house of Commons about the Brexit: the English Theatre in the contest for the settlement of companies from the United Kingdom, but as a soft location factor. There’s a lame power is not good.

glass fibers at your fingertips

Whether Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and other industry players: All of you had the idea not too long ago. Such access is not possible, it said. Although in the neighborhood rapidly is surfed. Because what the Bank is already slow networks? Especially since the site compared to the old ECB of glass fiber cables, the lifelines of the fast Internet, is only crossed by. The largest English-language theatre in continental Europe was in the middle of it, but just an onlooker when it came to quick Browsing.

After all, the defect has enabled the theatre-makers to creative flights of a different kind. Looking for fast networks, you have been invited for employees to find, the at home in Darmstadt, Germany, or elsewhere, the data for the theatre website. This was the purpose of trips of Winter by bike to the city marketing office, in which you then pulled a pre-loaded USB-Stick. Thanks to this bike-Trips through half the city had to make to your Fitness.

Colt thanks to

But nothing changed, the slow network was detrimental to the Image. Guests from abroad do not mean to have to overload, Yes, the W-Lan in the theatre – just embarrassing. From the ever-important admission card not to talk of a sale on the Internet. “The contact with our core audience, more than 70,000 people in the Region, and the entire ticket sales are from the Internet connection”, Nicolai. And then the jerky real-time samples, connections to the Theatre in London – still a Nuisance.

All the Nicolai and Winter in this newspaper over seven months ago, made known. And encountered open ears. A Telecom group has given them now to the desired port. But not the giant from Bonn. But Colt. The acronym stands for City of London Telecommunications.