Ferrovial will rebuild the second largest train station in Poland by 433 million


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Ferrovial, through its Polish subsidiary Budimex, it has been awarded a contract for the reconstruction of the railway station Warszawa Zachodnia located to the west of the city of Warsaw, Poland, by 1.940 million zlotys, about 433 million euros. With a traffic of more than 1,300 trains a day, is the second station largest in the country.

The project, which is part of the National Program for Railways, comprises the demolition of the existing station and the construction of a new building with a large entrance hall in the north zone, nine platforms on the surface and an underground passage for access to the tracks, at the same time serves as a commercial gallery, as explained by the Spanish construction company.

The works include the construction on the terraces of a large canopy covered with photovoltaic panels and a pedestrian walkway, all in metal structure. Among other tasks of the project include the refurbishment of 30 kilometers of beach of-way and the construction of several branch lines of connection, as well as, the installation of the traffic control systems and the laying of catenaries

The works will also improve the direct connection between the city of Piaseczno and of Legionowo, and of Legionowo with the Chopin airport. Also, will modernize the station, to the time that will increase capacity and passenger comfort. It is expected that the project, which in future will also link with the tram in Warsaw, to be completed in 2023.

With these works, Budimex strengthens its presence in an area that has a long-standing experience. The division of Ferrovial is undertaking a project on the line Warsaw-Lublin that included the reconstruction of 120 kilometres of train tracks, which adds to the modernization of LCS Kutno (stretch Żychlin-Barłogi) on the railway line E-20 already completed. In addition, the past year was awarded the modernization of the station of the Port of Gdynia, a contract valued at 1,800 million zlotys (approximately 402 million euros).

With this agreement, in addition to increase your portfolio of works, Ferrovial increases the amount of experience that its Polish subsidiary accumulates in railway works.

currently, this firm renews 120 kilometres of rail line, which connects Warsaw and Lublin. In addition, the past year was awarded the modernization of the station of the port of Gdynia, by 402 million euros.

at The close of the last month of march, Ferrovial had a portfolio of works pending run valued at 11.018 million euros, of which 87% corresponded to international projects. Of them, the works corresponding to Budimex pose 2,900 million, informs Ep.