Federal news service: crushed by giants


It is a commonplace that the threat to the freedom of States is different today than twenty years ago. Rarely, the President of the Federal intelligence service, Bruno Kahl expresses, however, open to the public. So series on “values” of the Hessian state representation in Berlin happen at the conclusion of a discussion. Kahl said that the conflict between the economically successful authoritarian-repressive systems, on the one hand, and to the West-liberals, on the other hand, have the Potential to replace the current asymmetric threats such as international terrorism and religious conflicts as the biggest strategic challenge. The ideological confrontation course between the rule of law, value-oriented democracies and emerging authoritarian models of Society, on the other hand. The latter appeared attractive because of their military are ostensibly stable, strong, and often economically very successful. The company will differentiate “positive” from the West, as “unstable” (financial crisis), “überfremdet” (Migration), “decadent” (no mandatory values) and “zerfallend” (Brexit) will be discriminated against.

Reinhard Müller

responsible editor for “time”, “state and law”, as well as Frankfurt’s General objection.

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And the terrorism? Although the “territorial project” of the IS was a failure. The BND, however, sees a return of the IS the “classic” terrorist activities in the underground and in network structures. The focus on Europe and Germany. “Bad news is, in this context,” says Kahl, “the boundaries between terrorism and conventional crime are fluent in: Clans, militias and terrorist groups in many regions of the profiteers of the hour: they are violent, ruthless, and in the context of its Agenda is increasingly successful.”

And he added: “the early and sudden withdrawal of the Americans contributes to some of these problem regions to faster stabilization, one may doubt if possible – even if you, as a European and as a German, no good arguments to demand from the United States, more and longer military operations.”
With a view to cyber-attacks highlighted Kahl: “Even in Iran and North Korea-state hackers in the top class act today.” We observed an increased intelligence presence in the “Hacker underground”. of
The competition of the systems, said Kahl, China impress by the fact that it is build in a very short time in Beijing, a gigantic new airport, but at the same time it had a year ago, a German premium manufacturers know that he should let his advertising with the Dalai Lama better, he wanted to sell in China more cars. The German company has apologized and the ads deleted.