A man went to Luxembourg with a car into a group of Pedestrians and killed his two-year-old child. Four more people, including a second infant, were injured in the incident on Wednesday in Luxembourg Wiltz, such as the Prosecutor’s office announced. The investigators went from a crime of passion. Among the Victims is also the former partner of the perpetrator. The injured came to the hospital.

The 47-year-old Luxemburger is supposed to have controlled the car carefully in the group of people on the sidewalk. It had the car to two mothers with children and other passers-by acted, said a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office on Thursday. The 47-Year-old was arrested.

in The evening, a judge’s pretrial detention ordered. Will determine whether the 47-should have made Years of murder or guilty of manslaughter. The lives of come child was a Boy. The second small child was slightly injured.