Honor the women! This Sunday, June 4 is a very special day since we celebrate Mother’s Day. In case you forgot to write it down in your diary, you still have time to catch up and have a thought for your mom.

Originally, Mother’s Day is a pagan tradition established by the Greeks who celebrated the mother of Zeus, Rhea (or Cybele) in the spring. A celebration taken up in the Christian religion during the 4th Sunday of Lent, the Sunday of “laetere”, in reference to breast milk. In the Anglo-Saxon register, this holiday appears in England from the 16th century with Mothering Sunday (or Mother’s Day).

If Mother’s Day is today in our current traditions, it is also an opportunity for all children to pay homage to their maternal figure. A pretty noodle necklace, a message in a greeting card or breakfast in bed, a bouquet of flowers or perfume, nothing is too good to please your mom.

But, for some Internet users, moms also have a lot of humor and inspire them with a few jokes. Planet invites you to discover the funniest jokes to tell with your family this weekend!