Chung didn’t name the group or the interviewer from the report

NFL assistant coach Eugene Chung says that he was told Asians aren’t the”right minority” if he interviewed for work last offseason.

Despite a resume which includes 55 matches of expertise as an NFL offensive experience — the first Asian American first-round draft pick history — and 10 seasons as an assistant coach under Super Bowl champions Andy Reid and Doug Pederson, Chung has turned off.

“It had been stated ,’Well, you are not a minority,” Chung told The Boston Globe.

The last time I checked, once I looked at the mirror and brushed my teethI had been a minority,” Chung said.

The 51-year-old Chung didn’t name the group or the interviewer from the report, but he stated he had been advised,”You aren’t the ideal minority we are searching for.”

The NFL has enlarged the Rooney Rule to promote minority hiring past only head trainer vacancies, to add front-office and planner positions. The principle isn’t intended to help black candidates gain chances, since it also applies for females, Latinos, Asians and other minority groups. Teams which develop minority candidates that are hired to superior places are rewarded with additional draft picks.

However, Chung felt missed through his interview.

“That is when I understood what the storyline was,” Chung said. “I had been dismissed, mentally paralyzed for a split second. I asked myself,’Did I hear correctly?'”

In addition, he requested that the aide to elaborate, according to the report.

“When the backtracking began, I was like,’Oh , no, no, no, no, you stated it. Now that it is out there, let us discuss it,'” Chung said. “It was totally mind-blowing to me in 2021 something like that’s in fact a narrative”

“I am not sitting here at the league in any way, since there are excellent mentors and you will find fantastic coaches who adopt the gap,” Chung said. “It is only when the Asians do not match the story, that is where my stomach churns just a tiny bit.”