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Great excitement in the bullring of Osuna and their surroundings, with many media of the heart. Announcing Enrique Ponce , in his first run of the new normal and your new normal after your break up with Paloma Cuevas . The cameras seek to Ana (Soria) , whose initial appears to have painted the master of the Chiva to start the paseíllo. Compared to the typical cross, “it is a, it is To” hear and arrives via whatsapp. The occurrences (and goliath grouper) in the networks is not lacking. “Ponce just draw one [iron two legendary farms] in the “albero” is a tribute to Victorino and Miura,” writes a fan. In linings, the public with the mask mandatory and gels hidroalcohólicos.

The time that Ponce drawn To Ana in your paseíllo in Osuna, a catch of Canal Sur, which retransmits live the run

All the flashes point to Ponce, with a lovely suit rioja and gold and wrapped in a classic walk cape.

The poster of veterans matadors, Enrique Ponce, and Javier Conde -black and jet-opens Diego Ventura, riding jacket bottle green.

acting on The first bull , of the livestock of July of the Gate, ends with triumph: two ears for the gentleman of seville, a maximum figure of bullfighting.

Second bull, a shift of Ponce . Mareoso name, shod with the number 51, born in January of 2016, of the Door. After the fighting of Joch, Ponce provides to the public. The head falls face up. Gives you the back. Things of superstition taurine. Faithful to his style in the beginning genuflexo, with his usual elegance. The torete moves, goes and comes. When you switch to the python left-handed, it boots up a voice in flemish: “Have art and majesty/ when you take the crutch/ no one can match”. In the round continues to the Chiva, now relaxed, with a lovely change of hand. The longer the teacher, and it sounds now a pasodoble. Click the bull and walks up the ring after cutting off his ear. “I am very happy to return to bullfighting. I’m happy. Long live bullfighting!”, he says to the microphones of Canal Sur.

Third bull, shift Count . Corchito is the christening of this issue of the Brethren of the Door. Do not trust the man from malaga, which is not the coba. That yes, hunting the first of a lunge.

At the equator of the celebration, Romero interview at Ponce. These are some of the phrases that leaves: “do Not leave the season without bulls is key. You have to look for the general interest of the Party. All of this conveys hope, not only to the fans and to the tournament, but in general to life, love for life. I have many runs made, some in places with a lot of flavor, with a lot of illusion. I will tackle the season with a lot of enthusiasm. To see if the Covid not it gets complicated and leaves us to take the season-to-front, leaves the shot and passes this nightmare. For my part, had to televise itself all (the bull)”.

Diego Ventura – Efe

Fourth bull. Ventura unfolds his master’s horse. Ear.

the Fifth bull . More bulky this fifth running, with the Ponce can’t show off in the greeting capotero. Not just surrender the bull. Jaime Padilla leaves a good couple. No toast this time. A doubloon in the beginning and continues to erect the matador. Gore arreones the animal, brutote. While Henry tempers the journey of the bull ring “Pins of colors”. Fantastic a course to the right, with a lot of temple and taste, hilvanada to a windlass and a pass of the chest. Again, a paso doble, the gorgeous “Nerva” this time. Check the muleta ahead of the natural, in a series finished off with their classic pinwheel, in that it seems to draw again a A. Smiles the veteran matador, which fastens with muletazos by low. Now buried a lunge peeling. You have to descabellar. Fails with the verduguillo. Even so, you are asked (and short) the ear.

Sixth bull. star against a burladero the one that closes the celebration. Remains uncoordinated. Is returned. Don’t want to enter in the bull pen. The minutes pass. In the end, Ventura finished with him. “Diego, Diego”, south korea the plaza. Javier Conde greets with veronicas very boleros to hats. Sound the ols. The malaga provides all the grandparents, especially his grandmother’s Rosary. Nor is the trust Count with this bull. A lot of doubts. Passes a quinaire to go for the kill. People mosque. The sound of three notices. A firecracker snap, which contrasts with the triumph of their co-poster, leaving on foot.

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