Jaime Ayarza holds and Nicola Sadler assumes command in females
Jaime Ayarza holds and Nicola Sadler assumes command in females

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The championship of Spain 2020 in the Marina Juan Montiel, in waters the region of murcia of Eagles, comes to an end. Is closed the third day after the ‘stop’ for the championship for Teams of Autonomous regions was held in the day yesterday, with a victory in Andalucia. A day marked by the little wind, so the fleet had to wait on the ground a little over 1 hour, setting a course to the race course at 13: 30 hours with 6-7 knots of the 150th (SE-Southeast) at that time.

The wind, which I was holding with tweezers, allowed to launch the first test of the day at 14.40 hours with the fleet of the Yellow group first, and with the favorites in front. Little or no choice was giving their competitors the canary islands Jaime Ayarza (RCN Gran Canaria), dominating from the beginning to the end of the test, seventh in the championship. Was then to decide the second place, that it was going to be for his club-mate: Jaime Gonzalez, partial little or nothing to serve to climb positions in the table. The third entry into the finish line was going to be for the valencian Carlos Espí (RCN Valencia), but as Gonzalez was not going to better your position. The first feminine in the arrival was Martina Gomilas (CN S’arenal).

In the Blue group the first three places in the arrival was for Fernando Puig (RCN Dénia), after making a good race from the same output, followed by John Benassar (RCN Palma) and Marc Mesuqida (CN S’arenal). Lucia Busquets (RCN Palma), entered sixth and also the first feminine in this group.

With all of this, and after not being able to boot the second test of the day for the fall of the wind, the committee iza intelligence on “A” so that the fleet set sail to earth, closing the day with a single test completed, but enough to give passage to the group Gold and Silver that will compete in the fourth and last day of the championship of Spain of Optimist in Eagles.

The provisional general, after seven tests in three seminars were held and a discard applied Jaime Ayarza is leader with 17 points, while Marc Mesquida and Xavier Garcia is matched in the second place with 22 points, so the day tomorrow will be key to see who hangs the silver and who the bronze. Javier Ojeda (RCN Gran Canaria), although it is far, has 32 points, yet it is not out to sneak on to the podium.

In women duel spaniard up. Nicola Sadler (CN S’arenal) and Marisa Vicens (CN Cala Gamba) occupy the first place, and both 49 points, and although the andalusian Maria Castillo (RCM and Tennis Punta Umbria) is something distant, it has 56 and 7 of difference, you can benefit from in that last day for the fight of the two sailors of the Balearic islands.

In SUB13 madrid Alba Moreno (CR Madrid) holds a day more, bringing a little bit of his advantage on the second of the table: Martina Gomila (CN S’arenal). Brown has 103 points, while Gomila account with 112. The valencia White Ferrando (RCN Valencia) is located near, already in your locker has 117 points.

with regard to the boys, and within this category, the provisional podium is for John Benassar (RCN Palma) with 39 points, followed by Tim Lumbat (CV Puerto D Andratx), which has 48 points and Miguel Padron (RCN Gran Canaria), which adds 64 points.

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