From a trade show of the ‘ 60s has become the boat of 2019 to a comprehensive event for the presentation of any flow at, on, near or under the water trying to. Thus, it has earned the title of the largest boat and water sports trade fair in the world fair. More than 220,000 square feet of space to it of 19. to 27. In January, there is a plunge pool, Yoga on Stand-up Paddle Boards, wave riding on an artificial wave or sailing with artificial Wind. And boats, big boats.

The neighboring Rhine, makes it possible. Because in the past years, the Department experienced water sportsmen behaviour the trend away from small sailing ships and large yachts or motor boats. The industry follows this movement, which is shown also in the Charter business. As before, increases in the case of sailing, the demand for catamarans boats with plenty of space stronger than the monohull vessels, although in absolute Numbers still clearly in the majority. Probably because it is missing for the Mehrrümpfer simply at berth. In the popular bays in the Caribbean, for example, you have to look for a good anchorage.

In the case of the great sailors, the Finland-based Nautor-displays your new Swan 65 shipyard. The over 20-Meter-long ship with its uncompromisingly streamlined prow and deep keel is suitable both as a family boat as well as a real racing yacht with a great Crew. Is and always has been the core competence of the Swan, the for your fan base is also equal to the matching regatta events.


Under the new management, is responsible for the French yard Alubat, again in Düsseldorf. With the Ovni 400 it relies on long cruising yachts aluminum. Sailing performance is not paramount. As usual, the depth can be reduced for a larger living room, the bow is fuller than the previous ships. Also, the cruising sailor has the Bente 39. The young German shipyard on fell in the past years through its proactive Marketing as well as unusual Details at the Bente 24. The nearly 12-Meter-long Bente 39 radiates the. You want to polarize and be different, visually and conceptually, to modern Offshore Racer.

Not the new beach catamaran K2X of the Bavarian Topcat-is to polarize the shipyard. Although he can be with roll gennaker and sporty sailed ordered, of course, but as an all-round boat. Topcat resists the current Hype ums Foiling. Who wants to take his boat the same, could this have to do with the Tiwal 2. You can be in two bags, and as a SUP Board inflate. 2.80 meters long the boat is in finished condition. Motor boats are booming currently downright, you are the guarantor, to come quickly to the water. The market is evolving just as quickly.