New in supermarkets. The alliance between the Casino group, notably owner of the Monoprix and Franprix supermarkets, and the Teract holding company, which owns the Louise bakeries, the Frais d’Ici and Bio brands

Indeed, the two companies have announced that they have signed an exclusivity agreement aimed at “concluding a binding agreement in order to create the French leader in responsible and sustainable distribution”. This project would aim to create two separate entities, reports BFMTV.

The first would be controlled by Casino and “would bring together the distribution activities in France”, thanks to the 9,100 stores owned by the group and with “the expertise in the operation of garden centers, pet stores and food” of Teract. This could in particular allow the development of the Grand Marché-Frais d’Ici supermarkets, acquired at the end of 2022 by Teract.

The other entity, named Teract Ferme France, will be controlled by InVivo, the union of 188 agricultural cooperatives and majority shareholder of Teract. This will thus be in charge of the supply of agricultural products, local and in short circuit for all the stores of the group and will allow “the establishment of common supply chains with agricultural cooperatives”, specifies a joint press release published Thursday, March 9.

“With the connection of InVivo’s 300,000 farmers to Casino’s distribution network, we are creating a unique whole, from farm to fork with a local and short circuit”, explains a source familiar with the matter to Capital.