The shortage of skilled workers impacts on the public transport system in Darmstadt, Germany. So currently, a lot of drive can be due to the lack of staff is not maintained or repaired the car. As a spokesperson for the transport company Heag Mobilo, said on Wednesday, missing especially electrical technician and an industrial mechanic. In these two areas, companies in the transport currently there are nine vacant Posts.

“in Addition, currently there are an unusually high number of trams serviced or repaired must be,” added the Heag spokeswoman. So 37 out of usually are currently, on average, 41 railcars in daily use. In total, there the Darmstadt-based transportation company 48 railcars and 30 sidecar. The bottleneck cannot be eliminated, despite the involvement of external workshops. The consequences of this development for the passengers.

“the shortage of skilled workers not for us alone”

for example, the tram line 1 will not be driving during the day initially. Passengers could switch to other lines. The Situation is expected to last three months. “The shortage of skilled workers hits us, not alone, but as a transport company, we are in Darmstadt, Germany with the economically strong company in the competition, which can pay their workers significantly higher wages,” it said in a notification.

to create Not only the shortage of skilled workers makes the transport company. Also accidents with cars had in the past few weeks, Darmstadt trams out of action. In the connection parts had supply shortages in the case of replacement, it said in mid-December of Heag Mobilo. In Frankfurt, there was a recent bottleneck. The public transport company Frankfurt (VGF) reactivated Railways in December of discarded road to serve all the lines. The city had previously extended the lines offer.