Courtois, the sleeping giant stretched his arms


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What went wrong when he arrived at Real Madrid. Keylor had won three Champions in a row and had settled into the position. But the club was looking for a goalkeeper for the future and the opportunity to sign Courtois had to seize it. Shared goal the first season, at the orders of Lopetegui, until Solari opted for the belgian. Zidane came on the 11th of march last year and continued with “Thibaut”, as he is called, to the front. The two cocks were incompatible. Navas got the message, ” Had to leave if I wanted to play. So it happened makes just twelve months. Today, the two are victorious, one in the PSG and other in the Real Madrid.

Courtois suffered in that first shared campaign. The misfortune is fattened with him. Real Madrid defended badly and the belgian was receiving too many goals , although most were not his fault. The tension was manifest and multiple failures, and rebounds of bad luck added to the ill-fated moment. Finally, this season we have seen the Courtois, as always, to the hands as gaffs.

he Has been your strength mental the key of your reaction . Any other goalkeeper would have collapsed before the whistles of the Bernabeu. Stubborn, with character, focused on overcoming the jinx and prove to that level that had been taught in the World of Russia.

The discipline tactic of Zidane to hold the goal zero helped him to cut out the indent. Today is the best goalkeeper of the League with a difference. His performances have been terrible to save the critical moments in this long streak of consecutive victories that has consolidadola to obtain the title. The Valencia, Eibar, Athletic, Real Sociedad, Getafe and Granada have endured in this second phase of the League.

The locker room he has acknowledged his performance in the team. Now, the belgian commanded from behind with the security before. It feels important, supported by their peers. Notes with happiness that you believe in him. For a keeper that feeling is fundamental.

The giant asleep has woken up and has stretched well your arms. And if Thibaut stretch covers half the goal. His agility with two meters of height breaks the mold biological. The goal is small with him.