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Leo Harlem is a very well-known character and does his thing better than anyone else, and the best thing is to tell you any thing and you get to laugh heartily even if you do not have. And the director, Alfonso Sanchez, is also very good in his field, which is basically the same but smeared with wit and hooliganism, and with similar results (that can be seen in films like “The world is our,” or “For all the death”). And precisely because of that history of both, the first sequence of this movie disturbs one more than the urge to sneeze. is A boot spectacular, action and rhythm of the relentless “american” and with an unexpected break … Then Breaks out the authentic character of Makey, a police district of madrid with an exaggerated vocation of service… Soon be relocating the action to the Costa del Sol, a pity, because it has a couple of moments in madrid, and one of them jokingly of football, that already will not be exceeded.

Fortunately for the story, the film and the director, Leo Harlem will cede some part of the role to an actor such as Jordi Sánchez, thing, on screen, is absolutely everything, and here he composed a magnificent sack of cliches that, frankly, brings nothing to the vision of the world that can have each, but it makes a fun embroidered full of colors and moments that manage to maintain the epidermal story in a comfortable point of surprise and goliath grouper. The lightness of the script does not search for the unforeseen, but rather a lot of intended for (father and daughter, the police case, the usual Russian mafia, the good and bad…), and the absence of depth and complexity is rewarded by those moments in which, as a little silly, yes, one laughs as if I had reasons.