Compliance with the Alpine Convention – resistance against Axenstrasse-project environmental organizations to raise the Federal administrative court against the “New Axenstrasse”. They fear an increase in traffic through the major project.11 Kommentare11Die Axenstrasse must always be locked due to stone chips: A redirection to Schwyz.Photo: Urs Flüeler/Keystone

environmental organisations criticise that the project “Neue Axenstrasse” will be shared with the plan approved by the Federal government two. They fear an expansion of capacity on the road, which would run counter to the Alpine Convention and have recorded a complaint.

The issuance of the plan approval for the “New Axenstrasse” with two additional lanes in the mountain was not in her senses, told the Alpine Initiative VCS Uri and Schwyz, as well as Physicians for the environment on Tuesday. They had filed against the project appeal with the Federal administrative court.

In April, the Federal Department of the environment, transport, energy and communications (Detec), had completed the plan approval process, the building permit for the new Axenstrasse and the green light given for the building of a new line with the Morschacher Tunnel and the Sisikoner Tunnel.

The big project, a parallel to the present-day connection between Ingenbohl SZ and Sisikon for a new, nearly eight-Kilometer-long road. You should provide more security and a discharge of the villages of Brunnen and Sisikon from through traffic.

Repair the existing road

Not approved, however, the accompanying measures on the existing Axenstrasse were. This would lead to a capacity expansion. The existing Axenstrasse may not be widened according to the Detec, too.

The cantons of Schwyz and Uri would have to submit a revised project for the renovation and traffic relief for the existing Axenstrasse. This should leave you in good time before the commissioning of the new Axenstrasse the Department’s approval.

find fault with The environmental organisations, that the project will be divided apart, in two different sub-projects, namely the Tunnel and the existing road. This measures and transport are in the latter, Demolition of calm less than ever guaranteed.

It would have to be first cleared the issues and to ensure that it’ll be on the parallel of New and old tracks to none of the Alpine Convention, contrary to the capacity expansion, it is said in the message.

manual for a solution

The Complainant to provide at the same time, the legal dispute of the nature of dangers to settle in favor of the construction of the sisikon tunnel and a secure solution to the Gumpisch. There is a stone chip on the Axenstrasse was only on Monday evening again fell, and then the section had to be closed.

The cantons should together negotiate an environmentally friendly embodiment of the present Axenstrasse, calling for the environmental associations. This should, however, be a prejudice.

The present Axenstrasse not should not be used as a full-fledged alternative road for the event planned that the new tunnel built in the mountain are temporarily passable. When the municipality of Sisikon will be relieved from transit and heavy traffic, should be created on the existing Axenstrasse significantly more space for Bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

cantons regret delay

The project “Neue Axenstrasse” will cost around 1.2 billion Swiss francs. The Federal government paid about 94 percent of the new construction project, the two cantons of Uri and Schwyz take care of the Rest.

A decision by the Federal administrative court could be moved by way of appeal to the Federal court. Schwyzer and Urner baudirekt ion deplored in a joint response, the delay that arises because of the complaint. Without it, the construction could start later this year.

check now, whether the Federal administrative court should be requested for the entire project or for individual parts of the project, the withdrawal of the suspensive effect. The court would revoke the suspensive effect, at least, could be with preparation, and with the construction of the most urgent security measures started to work.

(SDA /aru)

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