Momentum full of trading: suspended sentence for illegal sale of drugs


    After years of brisk trade with potency-enhancing agents has been sentenced to a 52-year-old man on Tuesday by the local court of Frankfurt due to a violation of the drug law to one year of probation. In addition, he will have to pay around 125,000 euros in revenues from its prohibited transactions in the context of a forfeiture to the state Treasury. The 76-year-old mother of the man who had asked for the prohibited transactions, your Bank account, came up with a method of setting and 1500 Euro money edition.

    The 52-year-old man had purchased since 2010, a total of 64,000 tablets, and pastes of Dutch merchants and especially in Sex-Shops in the Rhine-Main area. About the investigations and the criminal proceedings against the people, the customs investigation was on the account of the mother’s attention, the numerous Transfers were disposed of.

    Before the court, the defendant made a full confession. He was previously with the trade of watches on the tax liabilities of around 100,000 Euro and I needed to pay off urgent money. In the judgment, the confession of the criminal was considered in mitigation of punishment.