Previously, they saw them also in the Winter, occasionally, now almost even: this barefoot runner. Odd types are encountered, with a mixture of admiration and Anger. As much as you inspire with your cold resistance, and probably also the overall resilience of respect, so much so they are also on the nerves, just like anybody, the notice according to the Maxim of “if” moves.

Or is it really out of Conviction? A certain amount of ideological impact is comfortable, especially in Winter, when it really matters, the underlying Belief to “live” as long as you don’t freeze to death, or at least an inflammation of the lungs. To go in the summer, barefoot, no art is, finally, (you hear the hit “Barefoot summer” by Jürgen Drews, in his capacity of king of Majorca). Only the winter barfüßler certified his Conviction, which is arguably the easiest on the denominator of the civilization-critical, due to the fact, and transferred to the Harmless child of Nature, not more eye-Catching and even quite and even unfanatisch therefore, next, the adhering to the summer barfüßler, to the Irritating, Yes, Disturbing.

What want to tell us these naked restraints?

a Little Sulky, these undoubtedly brave people, who seem to be the Unconditional and a certain Half-heartedness, the lives of your Goings-on inherent in, are unlikely to be aware of: it Would be a criticism you are really serious with your civilization, you would have to be naked Yes or naked running around. You don’t have to do but, you’re just running without shoes and socks. On a certain eve, and a certain Wolfgang “from the Allgäu” Homepage the jostling nature holds in accordance with (the User stepping on each other’s bare feet, you could joke tired), shows that the barefoot running, as with almost everything in life, is not a science, it is afraid of too hot iron as minimal shoes to tackle are touted by the industry is misleading as a “barefoot shoes” and socks – in fact, the Shoe impression left.

Some of the looks with such a Compromise product, the Reputation of the Barfüßler severely damaged. A beautiful wooden iron as the barefoot Shoe you have not heard in a long time. And as any minority, so in the winter barfüßler fight in front of all their inventory, ultimately, no different than we Beschuhten, to Survive. Without shoes, no one comes to this time of the year practically out of the house, barefoot shoes are the least. What one gets to see but more and more, the people with socks, which is far below the ankle socks (called socks or sneakers). The very sight makes one wonder: What want to tell us these people with your naked restraints out from there so provocatively under her pants leg, just? We don’t know it.