Comment on racism-debate – is that we face up to the racists in our easy to show in the Black-Lives-Matter-debate with the fingers on the other. But self-reflection would be appropriate.Opinion Jacqueline Büchi4 Kommentare4Und how it looks in your innermost being? Photo: Gaëtan Bally (Keystone)

Sometimes you can’t do it just right. This idea must have come in SRF-Moderator Sandro Brotz, the “Arena” with the title “Now we’re talking Black” to the ears flew. The main allegation is that Three of the four guests in the first row were white.

Sometimes you can’t do it just right: So also the Subtext of an article in the “Sunday paper” is. Police officers describe their Dilemma: more and more frequently, they would take in the case of fixed dark-skinned persons are filmed, sometimes even provoked, “a media to elicit an effective response”. Some police officers considered in the result twice, if you wanted to perform a control at all.

it Is unpleasant to be in situations of the highest stress filmed? Without a doubt. The documentation of such inserts is a Problem? In any case. The case of George Floyd has only triggered a worldwide debate because of his brutal death by suffocation had been filmed.

Many of you will come to the conclusion that we have not done everything right.

transparency in dealing with racism and Racial Profiling of the highest importance. Officials need to be relieved of false accusations, when their use was relatively. And errors have to be mercilessly worked up when they happen.

Fredy Fässler, in St. Gallen’s police Director and a member of the Anti-racism Commission, takes the position that Switzerland had not a nationwide Problem of racism. He emphasized, however, that most of us – including him – had unconsciously racist reflexes.

These reflections we must ask ourselves. This may mean that the Individual thinks about, why he’s clinging so desperately to the name of a Dessert. The society is concerned about the composition of discussion groups. Or that the policy consider again carefully the pros and cons of body Cams.

Many of you will come to the conclusion that we have not done everything right.

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