Comment – Post Schacher undermines the cohesion vetterli economy for the benefit of Ex-politicians is and would become. The reason lies in the rise of the professional politician.Opinion Dominik Feusi15 Kommentare15Der last fall deselected SP-national councillor Corrado Pardini is proposed by party colleague, Simonetta Sommaruga as the Board of Directors of the Post. This is not at all good.Photo: Peter Klaunzer (Keystone)

Simonetta Sommaruga your party enjoyed, the defeated SP-national councillor Corrado Pardini,
a lucrative part-time job gain. It proposes him as a member of the Board at the Post office. The Post haggling in the Department of the environment, transport and communications is nothing New.

Recently heaved Sommaruga, a comrade to the top of the Federal office for the environment. And the Supervisory authority of the Post presides over the former SP Council of States Géraldine Savary. Sommaruga continued with what had power of its predecessor, Doris Leuthard advanced. This placed a close party of friends at the top of the Post and the SRG. Sommaruga is not the only Department head that does this. Federal councillor Alain Berset called his defeated party colleague Stéphane Rossini to the top of the Federal social insurance office.

Also members of other parties are not immune vetterli economy. Karin Keller-Sutter placed their FDP colleagues Fabio Abate in the game Bank Commission. And the former SVP national councillor Jürg Stahl was set up by Guy Parmelin to the top of the national Fund. All of these occupations is liable for any smell that someone has got a Post for which he is actually not suitable. It exacerbated the impression that “they made up there”, what suits you. Cousin lischaft endangers the Cohesion.

“militia parliamentarians can deal well with them out of office and back to a regular job.”

The public will expect that performance counts, not relationships. This would only ensure a transparent process. Then Sommaruga would find the idea to sell the Bern-born Pardini as a representative of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

but There is another solution: Pardini, and other professional politicians could remember the good-the Swiss Motto “servir et disparaître” (“to serve, and then assign”) – and easy to assign. A Militia member of Parliament can deal with an opt out well and according to the service to the country back to a regular job like all other citizens. A chief item he needs.

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