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one way or the other is not a pleasant procedure: The vaccination.Photo: Bebeto Matthews (Reuters)

The Coronavirus will remain a Problem until there is a vaccine. This phrase has become a truism. In addition to the uncertainty as to whether scientists will be able to produce a vaccine, is a second question: How large is the proportion of the population that refuses to which any development to be vaccinated?

surveys now suggest that the number of potential Impfverweigerer is large, and since the outbreak of the pandemic, and even grows. This is the conclusion of American biologist and physiologist Jonathan Berman in his book “Anti-vaxxers”. To add to that those who refuse vaccinations on principle, considering it to be hazardous to health, the people who believe in one of the Corona is typical for conspiracy theories – for example, that Bill Gates has created the Virus, the people with the vaccine, a microchip to inject.

Characteristic of these groups is that they are networked on the Internet, active and well. It is also a phenomenon described by the German scholar of American literature and researchers to conspiracy theories, Michael Butter, in his book, “Nothing is as it seems”: events shows, the mind should lead to healthy people to rethink an opinion, affirm a conspiracy theorist in your intentions.

According to an in the medical journal “The Lancet” published a survey of 26 percent of the French would abandon French to a vaccination. In the UK it would be, according to a study by the University of Cambridge, 12 percent, in the United States, a quarter of the total population and 34 percent of Republican voters. In Switzerland last year, has not or tend not to secure “– i.e. before the outbreak of the Corona-pandemic – a survey that 20 percent of the population, vaccinations, and”.

A large number of Impfverweigerern could endanger, in the worst case, the so-called herd immunity, i.e. immunity from 60 to 70 percent of the population.

Since the destination is the own body is the most important individual freedom rights at all, not in a liberal, democratic state of law, a compulsory vaccination out of the question. It is only the awareness remains. It is important to create absolute clarity about what the pharmaceutical companies, the vaccine or multiple vaccines – have developed and how much they deserve it. Because a large part of the mistrust of the end product nourishes, according to experts from the suspicion that Pharmaceutical companies would do everything possible to earn huge sums.

hard-boiled conspiracy theorists and convincing science skeptics will not impress the enlightenment. But Fluctuating and Doubting it can reach.

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