A gift before Christmas? The government traditionally pays a bonus to more than two million French people in need, a few days before New Year’s Eve. This year again, it kept the suspense going until the end, but the beneficiaries will be entitled to a new boost, welcome in this period of inflation. According to information from Merci pour l’info, its payment has been validated by the State with the Family Allowance Funds (CAF), the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) and Pôle emploi.

Since 1998, this Christmas bonus – paid by these various organizations – must “help the most modest to bear the expenses generated by the end of year celebrations”, specifies the specialized site. When will the persons concerned be entitled to it in 2022? Like last year, the Christmas bonus will be paid to them on Thursday, December 15, automatically by CAF, MSA or Pôle emploi.

The Christmas bonus is an exceptional aid, the amount of which may therefore be subject to change. Will it be up this year, given inflation and the difficulties encountered by the French in terms of purchasing power? The answer is no. According to information from the Merci pour l’info site, the Christmas bonus will not be increased this year. For a single person, it amounts to 152.45 euros and increases according to the family situation (couple and number of children).

Who are the 2.3 million French people who will receive it this year? What will be the amount depending on his family situation? All the answers to these questions can be found below.