the Ex-prime minister, Charles Michel Sunday, on social media, a thank you letter posted to his five-years at the head of the Belgian government. “290.000 jobs, and a record employment rate of 71 per cent… and That’s our biggest achievement,” writes Michael.

“It wasn’t easy. The debates were fierce, which by the way is a part of democracy,” said Michael. The government, with only a very small proportion of French-speakers had to contend with a strong opposition in parliament, and even on the street.

“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, that’s my current obsession. Because of that, it is the best way of guaranteeing that the poverty is lower, and to build solidarity. Many of the reforms that we have started the taxshift, the corporate income tax, the nulbijdrage for the first employment, the labour market, and so forth, to have and hiring by businesses are supported,” writes the ex-prime minister’s office.

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after the Fall of the government:

now Michel is back on the fall of the government. “Due to current issues is, unfortunately, the train is on the reforms to be stopped and the state of public finances, negatively impacted,” says Michael. The terrorist attacks of 2016, writes Michel, “In these difficult moments, I tried not to panic and to stay the course, to the rule of law and the values of our democracy are to be assured.”

Michel is leaving to go to Europe, even though there is as yet no new government, at the federal level. The company believes that the liberal future of the uk. “I know, that’s what brings us together is much stronger than what we have that divides”, what it sounds like. As the president of the European Council, Michel is now taking an active role in the future of the european union. “I’ll do it with all the strength, and the creativity that I have in my life and in my heart,” says Michael.

Charles Michel Sunday afternoon at the torch, the prime minister passed on his partijgenote Sophie Wilmès.

More about Charles-Michel, less than five years in national politics and been at the top of Anyone’s Sophie Wilmès, MR politician, who writes history as the first female prime minister of this country? Sophie Wilmès (MR) is followed by Charles-Michel, and the first female prime minister of Belgium, Wanted: a prime minister for a while