Barkley was Barkley’s friend on the Rockets, and that was a tumultuous one.

Scottie Pippen attacked Charles Barkley, his former teammate, in an interview where their time with the Houston Rockets was discussed.

Pippen started to disagree about what it meant to be great in basketball. In an interview with GQ Magazine, he said that Barkley’s name doesn’t necessarily mean winning in the league. It’s only when his name is associated with Team USA or the Olympics that it becomes synonymous.

Pippen and Barkley’s disagreement when they were on the Rockets was recalled. Barkley stated that he was “disappointed” with Pippen’s desire to trade in 1999. Pippen replied by saying that Barkley owed an apology for “coming to play with his fatbutt” and would not accept an apology even at “gunpoint”. Barkley stated that he always had his gun on him , and that if he was arrested for murder, ya’ll see he didn’t apologize.”

GQ reported that Pippen still hasn’t apologized.

“I wish that he would have continued with it. I didn’t apologize to him but I will tell you that he was only arrested for throwing some White men out of a window. He has never fought a Black man, unless there were referees. He acts like he is tough. I don’t know anyone he has whooped. Check his records. Did you apologize to him? I said that I would get him out of my way. “That’s what I remember,” Pippen stated in a recent interview with a magazine.

Pippen’s recent remarks have not been addressed by Barkley, but he is expected to be on TNT tonight for the NBA playoffs coverage.

Pippen was a member of the Rockets during the 1998-1999 season. Pippen averaged 14.5 points per game and 6.5 rebounds.