The General Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt has been filed against a 53-year-old German charge, due to the severe sexual abuse of Minors in the Philippines. As a spokesman confirmed to is the alleged perpetrator with the residence in Frankfurt for a year in pretrial detention. He is accused, moreover, of the possession of child pornographic writings.

In the years 2011 to 2016, the man needs during a multi-year stay in the Southeast Asian country in at least six cases of nine girls aged 10 to 13 years, sexually abused, and image have made recordings.

Further abuse of Minors at the age from 14 till 18 years and the person committed in the 28 cases in the years 2009 to 2015. Here, too, he had made recordings. The victims are said to have received money or money’s worth of gifts.

The man has led, according to the indictment against payment to a mediator in at least three cases, a 13-year-old kid over a Video Session to children pornographic Live performances. On computers he is said to have stored almost 19,000 in the image and video files with child – and youth – pornographic content. Against the man identified by the Central office for combating Internet crime (ZIT).