The longed-for winter season has just begun and has become for many a burden. Snow masses, which result in wide Parts of Austria to a standstill, places, or even whole valleys are cut off from the outside world. Numerous roads are blocked, it is high avalanche danger and to be part of the disaster alert. Skiing looks different. Short-term bookings of Ski holiday makers are broke.

Rüdiger Köhn

economy correspondent, based in Munich, Germany.

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Michaela Seiser

Economics correspondent for Austria and Hungary, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

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Bayern crumbling under the storm. The traffic fights with the winter White. Some towns are isolated, ski areas closed or limited in operations. For the weekend it is supposed to normalize, what will not be in Austria.

it has not been so much snow, it is believed Guido Wolz from the Munich office of the German weather service (DWD). At the end of January 2018 – so about a year ago – on the Zugspitze significantly more snow than today. The statement helps many people in the snowed Austrian ski resorts little, as car and train drivers or passengers in the winter traffic chaos in Bavaria.

Hope it’s normal operation

In Bavaria, it is hoped to relaxation. “We hope that in time for the weekend again the normal operation is taken up,” said the spokesperson of the ski Association Alpine plus (Sudelfeld, Spitzingsee and Brauneck). Because of the limitations in the operation to be carried out during the week, when the inflow is through holiday makers and skiers are already low, are not yet foreseeable economic impairment. Provide full Statements from the Hotel – and gastronomy in any case, the marketing society of Bavaria, tourism has not heard operated.

As relaxed not to go there in Austria. Also Galtür in the Tyrol, was no longer on Wednesday because of avalanche danger to reach. In the past few days, the Galtür syndrome in Austria. In February 1999, the place was hit in the Paznaun valley from an avalanche that killed 31 people.