The AfD’s Federal Chairman Alexander Gauland has agreed to put his party in a combative speech to a victory in the Brandenburg state election in the autumn. “On the 1. September will be the change – we, as the strongest party in the new Parliament,“ said Gauland on Saturday at the Congress of the Brandenburg AfD in Rangsdorf (Teltow-Fläming) to the applause of the more than 300 attending members of the party. “We have a clear goal: The SPD felt more than 30 years on 1. September and will be terminated.“

According to a recent choice survey, the AfD is currently at 20 percent, on a par with the since the fall of the ruling SPD and could double the number of currently nine deputies in the parliamentary group. On these places there are on the Congress, an unusual crowd: 87 members applying for the 40 places on the land list of the party that will decide in addition to the direct mandates for the collection of candidates in the Parliament. The party has in the state of Brandenburg, around 1600 members.

Gauland adopted the SPD as the main enemy on the grain. This have to Reside the citizens are always affordable, a good infrastructure, and homeland security, promised, said Gauland. “Every commuter has to think about in the crowded trains, with sufficient time about what this value proposition.” The AfD intends to create good living conditions for the people in the rural regions, said Gauland.

Also, a native Kurd wants to be a candidate

For a discussion of the phase-out of lignite-fired power generation in the Lausitz, the AfD was vehemently against it. “The tale of the man-made climate change, we do not believe,” cried Gauland, under the applause of the nearly 300 party members. Cold and warm periods have occurred in the earth’s history, always said Gauland. “Climate change is natural.”