Black saves White – “You just do what you gotta do”, The image goes around the world: In London, a black activist carries an injured against the demonstrators out of the fray. Now Patrick Hutchinson is celebrated as a Hero. 0 comment amid clashes in London: Patrick Hutchinson brings an action against the demonstrators in safety. Photo: Dylan Martinez, Reuters

It is a photo that is currently going around the world: The view decided to forward facing, wearing a Black a white Unknown on his shoulder to the police officers over. More people try, the man in front of shock shield. The most Impressive thing in this gesture: The Unknown is a Right-wing extremist, and part of the counter-demonstrators, which were delivered last weekend in London with the “Black Lives Matter”-protesters, a skirmish.

Shot has the image of the Reuters photographer, Dylan Martinez. This was last weekend in London, on-the-spot, as the “Black Lives Matter”protests in the next round. As the news Agency writes, were active in the protests are becoming increasingly violent, it came to clashes between counter-demonstrators and protesters. “I saw a scramble and someone fell to the ground,” said Martinez about the events in the centre of the city of London.

In the scramble, the white Unknown was involved, apparently on the photo, which had sustained injuries to the face. In the heat of the battle step, Patrick Hutchinson, multiple family, father and Personal Trainer, along with friends. “It was pretty hectic, almost like a mass panic,” said Hutchinson, the British television channel Channel 4 News. “In a Situation like this, you think not, you just do what you gotta do.”

unhoped-for help: One of the participants of the counter-protests escaped a scramble thanks to the help of the “Black Lives Matter”activists Patrick Hutchinson with only a few injuries to the face. Photo: Dylan Martinez, Reuters

He Packed up the Unknown on his shoulders and in the direction of police was marched, surrounded by other Mitdemonstranten and friends who had tried to protect the man from further attacks, so Hutchinson. The role of the Hero he wants to claim, therefore, also not for himself alone. “I was simply the one on whom the cameras were focused,” said Hutchinson. “It was a team work. Without all of those who had tried to protect us, I would probably have been trampled too.”

“thought the three police officials to intervene, would be George Floyd still alive today.”

He didn’t do it per se for the Unknown, Hutchinson. “I’ve done it, especially for the young men and women of the “Black Lives Matter”protests. I didn’t want their names would be tarnished by such an incident.”

in Addition to the prevention of negative headlines, the Intervention has, however, also a symbolic character for Hutchinson. “If the other three the police would have thought of that officers standing around at the time of the murder of George Floyd, about to intervene, and to your colleagues to stop, as we did, that would be George Floyd still alive today.”

George Floyd was on 25. May in Minneapolis in the U.S. state of deceased Minnesota after an arrest by a white police officer. The case is caused because of the Video captured the brutal procedure of the police officers ‘ fierce criticism of the police, and triggered far beyond the U.S. border, in addition to Anti-racism protests.

In the social networks and in a number of media, the image of Hutchinson’s circulated since then, with the weakened against the demonstrators on the shoulder. “A national hero – so humanity looks like,” tweeted the British Labour politician Claudia Webbe. David Lammy, the Labour party in Tottenham, wrote: “It is easy to focus on the worst instincts of human behavior. But it is important that we also have the Best celebrations.”


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