what is IT security in the Federal Republic of Germany, if a young person without the need for IT training from the parental home to politicians and celebrities to spy on your data in the sensational “Leaks” can publish? This was “in fact a cause for concern,” said the head of the Department for Serious and Organised crime at the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), Sabine Vogt, on Tuesday in Wiesbaden, the BKA and the competent Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt presented their investigation results.

Julian Staib

Political correspondent for Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland with its headquarters in Wiesbaden.

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“Every Individual” is required to make his own measures for more Internet security, says Vogt. The abuse and the collection of data on the Internet (“Doxing”) was “nothing Unusual”; all citizens should be aware that there is also “a black, a dark side of the Internet”. It was so “professionally” – both from the state as well as of the Affected. “It’s like driving a car: fastening the seat belt, that helps.”

is Not a flight risk

From the parental home and because he got angry about Comments of the parties Concerned, to spied a twenty-year-old from Hessen persons of the public life on the Internet, publicly available data is collected and then published. Up to 1000 people are affected. The BKA, as well as the Central office for combating Internet crime (ZIT) of the General Prosecutor’s office of Frankfurt am Main announced on Tuesday in Wiesbaden.

From the publications of politicians of all parliamentary parties with the exception of the AfD are affected. There is as yet “not final image” of a possible Motivation, said senior Prosecutor Georg Ungefuk of the ZIT. The Accused have stated that “on certain political Statements of the Injured parties” annoyed.

The CIT and the Federal criminal police office were arrested on Sunday evening the apartment of the suspect in Central Hesse searched and provisionally fixed. This is a confessed to the charges against him, according to Ungefuks “comprising” and provided above the own possible actions, in addition to a comprehensive “education assistance”, for example, “was the scene of knowledge”. He was on the loose, there is no escape exists, the danger of Ungefuk.