From the Report on “citizens defend themselves”, which is now supposedly in Amberg since the alleged by asylum seekers committed attacks on Patrol, on Thursday. There were “no findings” that such groups were in the city, said Thursday the spokesman for the city, Thomas Graml. So it was the “vigilante” only four NPD supporters, who “are believed to be marching on the first of January through Amberg”. The one can conclude, therefore, from the photos and the Video, published by the NPD section of Nürnberg on Facebook.

Karin Truscheit

editor in the Department “Germany and the world”.

F. A. Z.

In the Video you can see men in ill-fitting Jeans have the red vests on their winter jackets forced. On the West an Emblem is shown, which looks like a twisted paper clip. Below, We create protection zones. The people are mostly seen from the back, how to distribute in a Park small cards to passers-by. So far, the information on these persons had been received mainly on the social networks. “There were no calls of concerned Amberger,” said Graml. Also, so far, logged in, no demonstrations. A spokesman for the police Presidium of the upper Palatinate also said that, “vigilantes will not be tolerated”. “The monopoly on violence lies with the police.”

the consequences of The attacks, were injured on Saturday evening twelve people, are in Amberg, even days after the incident to feel. The Lord mayor Michael Cerny (CSU) is rushing from Interview to Interview, the Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU), met in the evening for the briefing and the AfD has announced the “civil conversations” in the pedestrian zone. On Thursday, the Bavarian Ministry of the interior perspective, however, the demand for a “quick removal”, which is charged to such Attacks on a regular basis. So the deportation was currently “in none of the cases is legally possible”.