The headache of suitcases, with the approach of the holidays, already makes you tremble? It must be said that, if traveling is always a pleasure, the logistics can be complicated in terms of luggage. In train stations or at the airport, no one wants to carry around with a bag that is too heavy. And in the car, we are often faced with a problem of space in the trunk, which forces us to drastically reduce the personal effects that we carry.

Especially since in the age of low-cost travel, many airlines and several trains refuse luggage that exceeds a certain number of kilos, at the risk of having to pay a supplement that is sometimes devastating for the wallet.

Fortunately, there are a few tips for packing a mini suitcase without forgetting anything.

Of course, what you take with you also depends on your destination. If you visit a place where it is rather cold, your luggage will be all the more heavy as the sweaters, coats and boots weigh a certain weight. On the other hand, if the program boils down to basking in the sun, you can save serious pounds.

Before closing your suitcase, however, check that it contains these essential elements:

But often, it is difficult to make a choice in terms of clothing, so much so that we regularly find ourselves with a suitcase that overflows, and that we struggle to close. But if you don’t want to drag this burden on your travels, there are a few rules that will definitely lighten the weight of your suitcase, without changing your comfort on vacation. Discover in our slideshow the 9 tips for organizing your mini suitcase this summer!