artist agencies are struggling to default fees for their singer, and in the cultural Lockdown but even in the abyss.

Munich – are you somehow been forgotten by the Public. In doing so, you will be an indispensable mediating function between the artist and the organizers: as well as the singers, conductors and actors, the artists are threatened agencies currently have to go through the cancellation Orgy in their existence. No fee, no Commission and thus no revenue.

But only single fighters, and to the rights of, and default fees for the struggling artists, this is too little, as these companies are finding out. “It is time that we join forces and agencies, us and the dire situation of our proteges to remember,” says Verena Vetter from the artist’s Secretariat at the Gasteig. With Lothar Schacke and Elisabeth Ehlers represents Stars such as the conductors Herbert Blomstedt, the pianist Lang Lang, soprano Christiane Karg and baritone Christian Gerhaher.

By the current payment model is also advised, this Agency into a fatal Situation: basically, these artists do representatives in a wholesale service, by giving contracts and the extensive logistics such as travel and Hotels to organize. The soloists appointment, bursts, these efforts were financially in vain. Add to this that the artist’s Secretariat, especially for appointments in three to four years of plans, the running costs for the eight employees but not with current revenue can cover. “Black panic” grab you again and again, admits Verena Vetter.

“force majeure” does not count any more

A joint initiative with bereaved colleagues can create, so you believe in the Secretariat of the Artist, a different consciousness and, perhaps, new models of provision that will be developed with the organisers and Opera houses. “The organizers are currently all on hold,” says Lothar Schacke. Especially the orchestra abroad are hesitant with your planning, the part he is getting requests no response at all. Particularly in the USA, the situation is fatal. There is some orchestras keep in mind, to give up Christmas just yet Online-the concerts for this year, your all set. Schacke stresses, that as an Agency, just a lawyer of the artists. “We are also agent for operators, to develop, at their request, proposals for appointments and do not, therefore, act only in one direction.” You mean: therefore the agencies could be left not just hang.

Also by this artist the Secretariat at the Gasteig, you are fighting currently, so for default fees and for the abandonment of the long-implausible become the General excuse of “force majeure” in case of Cancellations. “The slow start Oper decisions must also have a signal effect for the publicly-funded orchestra,” says Verena Vetter. “Also, we should stop to argue in purely legal terms, but must appeal to the specific Situation of the artist-remember – which will eventually be needed after the pandemic, again by the organizers.”