Amelie is bright and eloquent, visited in Bremen, the same school as all of us, loves to Dance and wishes of many professional. Photographer, animal hostess or actress would be the year of the fourteen. Whether or not you will reach the stars. Yet Amelie is perfectly integrated, thanks to dedicated parents, committed teachers with a vision of social experimentation field school and a school policy, it was not considered so far, just for a hoot (keyword: Pisa). Amelie has Down syndrome, but relatively mild restrictions. Participation in society is a matter of course. Your life would be representative of the tasks and challenges of inclusion, then it would be possibly the best in the schools in this country.

the internal differentiation – the current magic word of the education and training policy, an individual learning programme for each individual student in the classroom – would be only of the General social acceptance of disabilities and characteristics. And from the money. And from the staff. Whether gifted or behavior, self-willed, powerful or practical unbeschulbar, each and every would for and to your and its inclusive rights. In Amelie’s class anyway, rave about a teacher, such as students, without exception, from each other.

Some want to keep themselves to themselves

You don’t need such stories, to lose courage, or at least that is the tendency of the report “a tale of inclusion”. Because, this is no secret, in this country, the schools have a hard time with the implementation of the UN disability rights Convention by 2009. For many reasons. For this Film, however, there is only one: the conservative, well-nigh a restorative Holding the undeserved Privileged Status quo of the tripartite school system. Egalitarianism as an alternative progress. The New, and especially the southern States, refuse it. Thus the enemy would be in this advertising block for the Bremer education policy Hanna müllers for Radio Bremen clearly outlined. In his social and romantic-colored representation of the Adherence to the Gymnasium and on the frontal teaching form in front of all the obstacles in the implementation of the UN Convention. It also describes the activist Raul Krauthausen, founder of the Association “social heroes”: “The selected then under and under”, without the “outside world”.

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Welcome to the slightly outdated (School)class struggle of the seventies. Now it’s minimal by way of derogation: to Each his own Curriculum. The pedagogical institutes, textbook publishers, training institutions for teachers and school psychologists can look forward to. A gigantic market. The report seeks also to forces, to take a more nuanced set of comments from teachers on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and parents with other needs for your child or employers ‘ representatives, the Wind out of the sails. Education policy-makers of the countries are not only asked, as a single politician Hubertus Heil, SPD, is responsible for labour and social policy emerges. In addition to the education, the report deals with the in fact, inadequate access to the labour market for the disabled. Luke, due to lack of Oxygen is restricted at birth, spiritually, to be a train driver. Instead, he cleans the car for less than a hundred Euro in the month of police. The pay is shockingly low, but the case is a scandal?