The 58-year-old odd-job man Joseph B. was official suspicion of deprivation of liberty and “the harm to the health of others.” That is, the Public Prosecutor in the North of the Netherlands, on Wednesday announced the. The news points out that of the five Dutch kelderkinderen and bedridden father, however, is not a volunteer in the farm and in Ruinerwold “to wait at the end of the age”.

A father and his five children, between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age, have resided in since 2010, “a separate, temporary set-up rooms” at the farm in the Dutch village. They lived so secluded, “because they have to wait at the end of the age”, as was originally reported.

The news that Joseph, B., the 58-year-old tenant on the farm, in the area known as the slightly eccentric, retired handyman and a carpenter, is now officially on suspicion of deprivation of liberty and “the harm to the health of others,” seems to be the story again with a completely different twist to the show. It seems that b’s family, against his will, held at the farm. For reasons of privacy, has been nothing published about the state of health of the six members of the family, including the children of any age, as it turns out in the meantime.

a Member of a “sect”:

Joseph, B., was of Austrian descent. He was only in 2010, moved to the Netherlands to be. The carpenter is, according to the Austrian newspaper, the Kronen Zeitung , a native of the region of Perg, in the east of the city tour. He’d Perg, however, already in the eighties, you have to leave and go to Vienna, too. In his youth, he would be a member of a cult, as reported in the newspapers.

It is close to his parents, he had at least forty-five years ago, it has already been lost. In Austria, the work of the family in Ruinerwold to think of another Joseph: Joseph, Nyb. Nyb was holding his daughter, Elisabeth, from 1984 to 2008 in a basement room of his home in Amstetten, which is not far from the Perg, imprisoned, and abused her. He had by her seven children, and is a life-long conviction. The site Today the message of the business in Ruinerwold as the new Nyb-thing”.

According to the Austrian ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be the 58-year-old is not in touch with the local embassy. “He does not want to contact the Austrian embassy in The Hague does not want consular assistance,” said the spokesman, Peter Guschelbauer, the ministry of Foreign Affairs (of APA). Authorities are waiting on research in the Netherlands. However, due to his refusal of help, it will be for reasons of privacy, no further details are to be published.

Joseph, B., will on Thursday appear before the judge.

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