Northern Syria – mutiny in prison IS-HäftlingenIm the North-East of Syria, succeeded in four prisoners during an uprising, the escape from a prison. 0 KommentareÜber 5000 prisoners housed in A prison in Syria. (File photo)REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

In a prison in the North-East of Syria with the prisoners of the IS-militia, a mutiny broke out. It managed to escape of several inmates on Sunday as a high-ranking member of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) said. The number of Refugees and their nationality, he did not provide information.

The Ghuiran prison in Hassakeh, in the it came to the uprising, under the Kurdish-Arab SDF militia.

According to the Syrian Observatory for human rights escaped four prisoners “or less” from the prison. The mutiny had been instigated by members of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS). In prison, around 5,000 prisoners were housed.

the tense Situation

The Observatory is resident in Britain and relies on a network of informants on the ground. Your information can be independent Since is often difficult to verify.

The Situation in the prison was tense, according to the SDF member on Sunday evening continue to be. Aircraft of the US-led military coalition circled above the prison and the area, he said. The search for the Fugitives went on meanwhile.

the territory back Robert

A spokesman for the military coalition confirmed that the Alliance with air surveillance help, while the SDF tried to bring the situation in the prison back under control.

The Kurdish-dominated SDF had Robert in the past few years, with the support of the international military coalition from the IS-held territory in Syria. The SDF according to their own information continue to be around a total of 12’000 IS members caught. Including 2500 to 3000 jihadists are, according to this information, in addition to Syrians and Iraqis from around 50 other countries.

(SDA /chk)

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