for the First time, several of the cloned monkey, according to Chinese data with a deliberately-induced genetic damage on the world. To contribute to the exploration of circadian disturbances, such as the official Xinhua news Agency with reference to two articles in the Chinese science magazine “National Science Review,” writes. The five macaques had recently been in the Institute of neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai born.

The research on the cloned monkey, the focus is on the so-called circadian rhythm. He is brought, if he is disturbed, people with sleep disorders, Depression, Diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. For the first time were the scientists, so that five monkeys with the same genetic Background, wrote Xinhua.

The results of the Institute of neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, have been hailed by Chinese media as a world premiere. The study authors stated that their method could help in the exploration of psychological complaints to the people because the targeted animals could be created with specific defects. Director of the Institute, Poo Muning told state media, his research team is going to clone more monkeys with different brain defects, so that, by means of experiments on them could be developed, new methods of treatment for mental ailments in humans. The targeted Manufacture of monkeys with specific Suffering could also reduce the total number of monkeys needed for testing.

clone according to international Standards

After Chinese scientists due to their Gene – and clone-were experiments, highlighted the state Agency that the research programme had been monitored by the ethics Committee of the Institute “in Accordance with international Standards for animal research”. The publication follows on from the scandal of a Chinese researcher who had announced in November the world’s first birth of genetically engineered babies. A woman is still pregnant. His Experiment has triggered global outrage.

In an investigation report, the government said on Monday, the researchers, He Jiankui have traded illegally. He alone has collected the financial resources and the supervision by the University withdrawn. The scientists had announced on Youtube that he had tampered with the Genschere Crispr/Cas9 embryos, to make them against the AIDS virus HIV is resistant to. The twins Nana and Lulu are supposed to be healthy come the world.

Also in 2017, for the first time in China, the successful cloning of monkeys is controversial, because the primates are so similar, and that the concern for an application of the method in humans is growing. The state Agency Xinhua reported, in the new Experiment with the Monkey in Shanghai, the researchers have been turned off by gene mutations in the embryonic stage of the decisive substance BMAL1 to the regulation of the circadian rhythm in order to create a suitable DNA donor. A genetically modified monkey had been selected, had the most significant genetic disease characteristics.