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The first day of the XXIX edition of the Regatta, Basque Coast-Trophy Whale of Gold was held in the waters of vizcaya in the Open in a beautiful day of summer with northeast winds. After a sailing journey of 18 miles with buoy near cape Villano, the ‘Akelarrre’ of Maurice Guibert leads the class Regatta and the ‘Aizen’ is the first among the participants of the Cruiser class I. By her side, ‘Etnia Barcelona’, skippered by Peru Múgica, is the first classified after the three tours scheduled in the Open by the organising committee for the division J 80.

The ‘Akelarre’ of Maurice Guibert exceeded by 29 seconds in the general class Regatta to the ‘Symphony’ of Javier Onaindía, and in 46 ‘to the ‘ Piper’ of Juan Valdivia. Fourth is the ‘Tchin Tchin’ of José Luis Ribed, fifth the ‘Maitena’ Mikel Emaldi -first-real-time, and then classified the ‘Alpega’, ‘Mylla’, ‘Rat Pack’, ‘Mingus’ and ‘Urbegi’. For its part, the ‘Aizen’ will have as main rivals on the class Cruise to the cantabrian ‘Impredigital Gorilón’ of Emigdio Bedia and the ‘Kribi’ of gipuzkoa Juan Manuel Pereiro.

The Regatta Basque Coast-Trophy Whale of Gold, sponsored by Euskadiko Kirol Portuak, it is also celebrated in class J80, in which the ‘Etnia Barcelona’ is first with 4 points thanks to their first two and a second place. Three points appears the ‘Freus’ Christian Jauregui and four of the ‘End Goal End’ skippered by Carmen Galdós. By his side, the ‘Krill’ of James Orlando is a leader among the boats without a certificate.

This Sunday, for 13 hours, it is celebrated on the tours final in the various classes to determine the winners of the Whales, one of the trophies most prestigious sailing basque.