L’ apartment on the lake – The Badi Zollikon is recorded to the restaurant a young Crew up on 5. June, the historical Kastenbad at the border of the city. So the place to be when the weather is nice, despite a ban on Swimming enjoy.Claudia Schmid0 KommentareVon the evening sun lights: a seaside resort in Zollikon. Photo: Dominique Meienberg

Rarely a ban has looked charming, with A disco ball on the jump tower keeps people from jumping into the water. For the next few days, the Seebadi is pleasure in Zollikon, like other bathing facilities for swimming still closed. For this you can 5 to on. June in a Pop-Up Restaurant eat can.

this is thanks To the young restaurateur Stefano Eggenberger and Assanee Meguid. In Zollikon, you operate the Trube that you have changed in a short period of time to a contemporary Dorfbeiz; at the Kalkbreite in Zurich in addition, two Italian Local.

a year Ago, you made an empty apartment, also in the lime width, the talk of the town. In this Restaurant, “L’appartement”, a returned a year ago, half of the city. In a tiny kitchen Tom Klamet was standing at the stove, which served an excellent four-goer.

Latino cuisine to a guest

Also on the lake of Zurich, the private chef is back in action. This year’s Menu-Short Ribs or a Ceviche Kingfish count. On 1. and 2. June there is also a guest appearance by Olivier Bur. As Tom Klamet also Bur in the catering company Franzoli worked and is mainly used today as a private chef working. Thanks to work stations in Mexico and Peru, and Caribbean roots, he has mastered the multiplication table of a sophisticated Latin cuisine.

For his “L’Appartement”evenings he has “vacation food” from Swiss ingredients prepared. These Tacos with fresh herbs or self-made Way of elderberry and berries include.

The Seebad Zollikon is not the only plant in the water, which is currently being recorded with a gastronomic offer. To shorten the waiting time until the official opening of the season, the Seebad Enge in the evening to the restaurant Les Radeaux operation “” with a multi-course menu.

www.lappartement.maison only a few places.

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