The WDR new insights to defects in the documentation of the “marriage of reason” of the series “Menschen hautnah”. After reviewing the existing rotary material you have found now, that in the case of this Film, the real relationship history of a couple – Sasha and Tanja – in “an unlawful manner was pointed”.

Indeed, if it were a real relationship, the feeling of the situation, however, is “distorted”. The Film, which was provided in the library so far, with a corresponding note should be removed. The WDR TV editor-in-chief Ellen Ehni said: “The trust relationship to the author is destroyed. Therefore, we will not instruct you from now on.“

Earlier information, two protagonists of the films were obtained after the CTR on a Website, on the channel and the production company of actors and other contributors for TV shows are looking for. In addition, the films errors and inconsistencies in annual figures, Hobbies and age. Ehni announced, you’ll have to look at the “Menschen hautnah” in depth. So far, the editors, the four-eyes-principle and the counter-research, and clarifies the criteria for the search of the respective to the respective topic. “We must ensure to conform to our own high Standards,” said Ehni.