Antwerp –

the Masked men committed a Monday morning robbery at an ice cream shop in the Hoogstraat (high street) in Antwerp, belgium. It knevelden the owner of the business. They were able to loot and ran.

The robbery happened about half-past six on Monday morning. Three masked men pushed the ice cream shop This is in is in. “At that time, we were on our honeymoon, in the case provided. They would have a short period of time tied up,” said William Migom of the Antwerp police department.

The perpetrators were able to take the booty and ran. The Antwerp police did that examination, but to no avail. The lab will be available later on Monday, another on-the-spot for the crime scene. The woman fell to the assault injuries. May be she’s got a few tricks to handle. She was also very impressed by the fact.

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