After the excitement of her eighteenth birthday, princess Elizabeth and enjoy a week of half term holidays with her family. Ever since she was in boarding school in Wales, the holidays are the only time to spend with her parents, brother, and sister.

the Princess Elizabeth, who is 18, was able to look back on a memorable birthday party. In the morning, she was at the royal palace held a celebration, which will also be shown live on the four main television channels in the country.

In the afternoon, it was the Belgian nobility, and five hundred guests were invited to a reception in the neighbourhood of the royal palace, in the presence of the birthday boy himself, king Philippe and queen Mathilde of belgium. And in the evening there was a private dinner at the royal castle of Laeken, in her parental home, followed by a galabal to her friends.

in Spite of the overwhelming public interest, it was her birthday, and, first and foremost, a family. The royal palace’s the day after , a new family photographs released.

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in Particular, it is the picture of the three generations of monarchs: and the last, Albert (II), the present (He) and the future (Elizabeth). Even as he posed Elizabeth and her three living grand-parents. All along his father’s side are, of course, Albert and Paola, and on mother’s side, the countess, Anne Marie Komorowska. Her grandfather, count Patrick d’Udekem d’Acoz, passed away in 2008.

Three generations of the monarch and (to the left), Elizabeth, between her parents. (Photo: the Royal Palace,

Just for the photo shoot, it was Elizabeth all in the group agreed with the young people who joined the celebration had to be determined. It was about the musicians, dancers, and entertainers in front of her, had encountered, and of the eighty peers of the same age that she was invited to be the guests of honour.

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At the time of the ceremony in the palace, and had Elisabeth, actually, for a couple of hours at the school here. On the international day and boarding school in Wales, where they have been since last year about, went to the last day of school before the half term holidays, until Friday, at 14 o’clock. But they “skipped,” with the approval of its managing director, Peter Howe. The man was in the service, he was in the car, from Wales, came to be.

The head teacher of the Elizabeth, was from Wales, and come along and see how his student a special award was pinned on by king Philip. (Photo: Photo News

Howe sat in the Throne room of the king’s palace, behind the old teachers of the Elisabeth, from the Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege, in Brussels, belgium. To the Dutch school, was the princess, from the kindergarten up to the fifth high school, before moving to Wales.

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And now it’s time for a break. Also, for the two brothers, and a sister, Elizabeth, who is in Belgium for the school run. (please continue below the picture)

Elizabeth, with (p.l.n.e.) Emmanuel, Eléonore, and the angel Gabriel. (Photo: the Royal Palace of
Muhammad (16), which began this school year at an English-speaking private school in Watermael-Boitsfort, in a half an hour away from the royal castle of Laeken. With (14), which is in a special private school for children with learning disabilities. And Eléonore (11), it is now in its sixth and final year of lower school at St. John Berchman.

What He, and Some of the autumn half-term holidays to spend time with their children is not known. It is, however, a unique window of opportunity for the quality-time to spend it with Elizabeth. It is during the school year on the campus of the school and will be available only during the holidays, came back from Wales.

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