it Would be gone after the Federal Board of AfD, would not belong to the radical right-wing Thuringian figurehead Björn Höcke of the party today. In the year 2017, three-quarters of the then Frauke Petry mentioned tip body found the name of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin as a “monument of shame” so unbearable that you voted for the later, into the Empty running of the process of elimination.

that’s Why you could assume that the Wiesbaden town hall group would comply with the request of many a city councillor, to distance themselves from Höcke. That it never corresponded to the declared will of the former party Secretary and city Robert Lambrou prescribed.

Today, he is the strong man of the Hessian AfD, and it may be argued that its strategy is still the same. In November, the AfD went at a distance to the in the Landtag deputies elected Alexandra Walter. You have not dispelled the suspicion, to have a questionable one-sided understanding of the history, Lambrou as the spokesman of the party. But the consequences could only pull the group, and the constituent even with the new diet. It would have been the cause of the party, Walter, to return the Mandate to call. For her alone, she owes it.

Careless enlightenment

Just a few weeks later, leading officials of the young organization, there is a Young Alternative because of its proximity to the protection of the Constitution Identitarian movement observed. Lambrou, promises of enlightenment and announces the consequences – “if necessary”. With the brightening of the facts, but he leaves a lot of time.

The meeting of the Board, should be addressed last Friday with the matter, had failed, because not enough participants were available and says Lambrou. Moreover, the important question must be clarified, whether the functionaries of the young Alternatives were in fact members of the AfD. So something can actually, with a glance in the electronic file to clarify. The clerk of the Hessian land Association of weeks is not enough.

Lambrou, by his own admission “a social Democrat of the old school,” as representatives of a bourgeois approach to Politics, but wants to remain on the right margin of the political spectrum in the business. The next weeks will show whether the strategy of walking the tightrope still works.