Morning news to wake up the French. Since Monday January 8, 2024, Bruce Toussaint has been at the helm of Bonjour, the morning show on TF1. From 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., the journalist meets early risers to decipher the news with his group of columnists.

The objective for this morning: to offer viewers columns inspired by current events in France and abroad, without forgetting information in our regions, everyday tips or even cultural and unusual news. With their political and celebrity guests, this formula piloted by Bruce Toussaint tends to compete with its opponent Télématin on France 2. The Planet editorial team lists three assets that work in favor of Europe’s leading channel.

Every morning on TF1, Bruce Toussaint is accompanied by a team of 16 columnists. Among them, we find known faces of the channel such as Hélène Mannarino, who paints the “unexpected portrait” of the guest every day, Christophe Beaugrand for the unusual chronicle of the news, Karima Charni for culture, Adrien Gindre for the political interview.

Without forgetting the weather presenter Ange Noiret who braved the snow and the cold for her first day, the well-being advice from Anaïs Grangerac and the diary from Garance Pardigon, Jean-Marie Bagayoko will be present to answer questions from viewers, Laurent Mariotte (Little dishes in balance) and his gastronomic recipe, Stefan Etcheverry will be on the ground, Julien Arnaud (LCI) returns to an event in History and Julie Tomeï (50′ Inside) will take viewers on a journey.

This first week was an opportunity for viewers to discover new faces on the channel. Like Maud Descamps (daily life), Benjamin Muller (parenthood) Vincent Vallinduq (health), all three poached from Télématin on France 2 and Monique Younes (ex-RTL). Newbies who were able to quickly integrate into the group, as evidenced by the first images of the rehearsals before the launch.

On the air, the columns follow one another, the news flows and some columnists are already letting loose live like Christophe Beaugrand and Karima Charni, the accomplices of the troupe. If others still remain discreet, we are certain that as the acts progress, their team spirit and good humor will please the French.

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For Bonjour, the morning show on TF1, Bruce Toussaint’s gang moved into a spacious and bright loft, open to the outside with an imposing window. “Look at this incredible decor, it really feels like a beautiful apartment, it’s a magnificent showcase for the artistic direction of TF1. We couldn’t be in better conditions to start this show,” revealed Bruce Toussaint to Audrey Crespo- Mara during the site visit, the day before the first broadcast.

A way to stay informed about current events throughout France and abroad, with the cooperation of numerous correspondents in the region. It’s also an opportunity to meet the French who are the major players in everyday life. The first day back at home with a family, with the owner of a bar that bears the same name as the morning show… All means are good to give the French a voice. And, we like it!

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The launch of the TF1 morning show was followed by 512,000 curious people this Monday, January 8, 2024, according to figures from Médiamétrie. A good score for the first channel which grabbed a few thousand followers from its competitor Télématin. The historic program piloted by Thomas Sotto and Marie Portolano still attracted more than 625,000 viewers on the public service.

Was the curiosity effect confirmed in the following numbers on TF1? Between Tuesday January 9 and Thursday January 11, the first channel seems to maintain its course, without overtaking its rival on France 2, oscillating between 292,000 and 303,000 viewers. Nothing to worry about the Deux morning show which is still at the top of the audience this week with up to 727,000 faithful on January 11, 2024. Nothing is lost for Bruce Toussaint’s team which still has several months to improve its format and attract new early risers to its network.