2:1 against Nuremberg in Mainz luck with calibrated line


    For the 1. FC Nuremberg is no Land in sight in the Bundesliga: The “Club” remained on Saturday for the 1:2-defeat beiMainz 05auch in the thirteenth game without a win and is more table last. In addition, the Franks had to the narrowest of offside decision since the introduction of the so-called calibrated line to the beginning of the season sufficient reason to quarrel with their defeat. The supposed interim guidance to the 2:1 was cancelled from the Cologne cellar.

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    on Saturday, quite happy in Mainz, in turn, have good prospects to make after two years of anxious weeks on the precipice to the second Bundesliga in the current season positively. “To start with six points in the back round is good,” said head coach Sandro Schwarz of protested, however, against issues after a European perspective. “It’s good that you can talk about it. But it does not change our since the pre-season approach, we want to improve our game.“

    Bundesliga round DISPLAY

    According to the gates by Daniel Brosinski from the penalty spot (12. Minute) and Robin Quaison (72.) in the case of a temporary equaliser by Nuremberg centre-back Georg Margreitter (43.) have expanded the player of the Black advantage on the relegation places on sixteen points and only a point behind the seats, which entitle to the participation in the European Cup.

    The match began in front of just about 22,000 spectators, said to them, before the game, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister-President Malu Dreyer, on the occasion of the Memory day of the German football, as it was to be expected: The Mainz certain encounter, because of their much higher individual quality against the overall, far too staid Nuremberg and went according to an early lead. “Club”-midfielder Behrens went in the box so clumsily against Aaron, that referee Dankert could only decide on the penalty. Brosinski turned sure. The Mainzer mentioned then not too sure, they forgot the commitment as the basis of their last good performance. The equaliser for the Swiss franc was the appropriate penalty for the careless headed Margreitter a: After a corner kick by Enrico Valentini unchallenged.

    the calibrated line Is?

    In the second half, Mainz were then in the Video-lucky: A well-played matches of the Nuremberg striker Adam Zrelak was cancelled by the video wizard later. The offside position of the scorer, to only one toe was, of course, recognize only thanks to the so-called calibrated line to what the question raises, according to the justice of such a decision, which is only since this season. In the pre-season, the calibrated line had been banished due to technical difficulties in the short term to the beginning of the season from the video cellar.

    The Nuremberg player Enrico Valentini called for now in the sense of defeat that the principle “In doubt for the attacker” had, unfortunately, not a Lobby. “We feel so deprived,” he said. FCN coach Michael Köllner found it equally infuriating for his Team, which is deprived of a goal, after which no Mainz have complained, “just two minutes later. That was a tough beat.“