A unique project – 107 km run – without seeing for a moment because she was not able to start due to the Coronavirus to a Marathon, was Chantal Cavin inventive: The top athlete, blind delivery with companion Karoline Aebi-Popp from Basel to Bern.Marco Oppliger0 KommentareEin experienced Team: Chantal Cavin (left) follows the Band, and the short commands of your companion Karoline Aebi-Popp. Photo: Raphael Moser

The blue ribbon is only a few inches long. However, the trust that is placed in this piece, is limitless. “It feels like a dog on a tight leash, I can’t do much wrong,” says Chantal Cavin. The from Berne is blind, can only distinguish light and darkness from each other. What Cavin says, is shown on Tuesday afternoon on the Wankdorf junction in Bern. She is with her companion, Karoline Aebi-Popp for hours on the road, about 100 kilometers, the two women in the legs. And around them, the re-awoke in the evening traffic picks up just. However, Aebi-Popp guides Cavin at the blue ribbon sure about the last tricky Passage of your trip. In front of the Stade de Suisse, they will fall eventually in the arms. Here’s your project that has started as a crazy idea ends up as a Corona-brandy idea.

Originally Cavin wanted to ride the Geneva-Marathon best. However, as this and all other competitions were cancelled, I had to find a new target. Aebi-Popp and Cavin lived once even in Basel, so you made the decision to run from Basel to Bern, a great part of the old Roman road. 107 kilometres and 1546 meters of altitude in 2 days. “We could have done in one day,” says Cavin. “Only I want to train again soon. In the case of such a load, however, this would not be possible.”

The fate

Sport Chantal Cavins elixir of life. It was always like that – and even a tragic accident could change nothing. With 14 years she bounced in judo training hard on the back of the head. There is a hemorrhage in the cortex was formed, Cavin went blind from one day to the next. A teacher brought the teenager with the sport of swimming into contact. You set the start to an incredibly successful career. Cavin was the best visually impaired swimmer in the world, she was a world and European champion, took several times at the Paralympics part and swam a world record. Finally, she switched to Triathlon, where she went for the Whole: Five times Cavin completed an Ironman (3.8 km Swimming, 180 km Cycling, 42,195 km Run). And now the 42-Year-old is a pretty ambitious female runner. At the time of their Marathon Premiere you reached the finish line after 3 hours and 16 minutes, without specifically prepared for it. This is a very strong performance. Meanwhile, their best performance of 3:is 14 hours, you would like to improve this soon.

But the high-performance sport, he’s gone on this Tuesday morning, far as Aebi-Popp and Cavin in the Hotel to prepare in Oensingen, to take the second part of your project. Long you may run, but you hesitate. “Because we didn’t know how our legs would feel at the start”, will Cavin say later. The fears are soft but step for step. The legs are also on this second day, which is 50 kilometers from the day before was hardly noticeable. However, as the Bernbiet is already reached, the two athletes to a Halt.

the battery of Aebi-Popp’s phone gives up the Ghost. The online map containing the predetermined path is history. So the two put on Google Maps – only steers you roads of this program using the main. Some of them have no pavement. For Cavin, and Aebi-Popp, the need to run side-by-side, so that the Former can follow the short commands of the companion, it is extremely dangerous. Now you need to again and again passers-by to Alternative questions. This is not always good, sometimes they run in the wrong direction, once you have to cross a salad box. This is just for Aebi-Popp is a challenge, because you are looking for two people, every obstacle and every danger needs to capture. “She’s always stayed quiet, even though she was tired. This is amazing,” says Cavin.

Two big bubbles and a few anecdotes

the Aebi-Popp is one of several escorts Cavins. For the past four years, the two women run together now. They met on the Internet. Cavin was looking for Guides for long training sessions. Aebi – just to Bern moved – ran, but didn’t know the city yet. So she volunteered. Although, it has today, you to the course in Bern, told the German, laughing. “Then I say to each of Chantal, what I see, and you tell me then, where we need to go through.” Better you can explain the relationship between the two.

Managed: On Tuesday afternoon, Aebi reach-Popp and Cavin Bern. Behind them is 107 kilometres and a veritable adventures lie. Photo: Raphael Moser

What remains after your trip? The anecdotes, of course. So Cavin listened to the Hauenstein, such as a group of soldiers called for help. Aebi-Popp, a Doctor, believed that it was a part of an Exercise. But Cavin advised, short look. And, in fact, A soldier was collapsing, Aebi-Popp provided First aid until the ambulance arrived. And then, the two bubbles would be there to Cavins feet. To be able to in spite of you continue to run, handle short-hand for the scissors, a way to cut a part of your running shoes. Immediately they would take back such a project, emphasize the two women. “It was like a week of vacation,” says Aebi-Popp, “because we have experienced so much together.” Around eleven hours was the pure runtime, which is required for the 107 km – this is a strong performance. The blue Band you have released in the meantime. Now she combines in addition, a one-off project.

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