Despite the high pressure for Reform – to make haste with the AHV reform of the bourgeois social politicians are thinking because of the gloomy financial forecasts, according to the pension age of 67. But at the same time it rushes to the Parliament with the Reform for women’s retirement age of 65 at all.Markus Brotschi, Fabian Fellmann0 KommentareDie financing of old-age pensions is due to the Corona-crisis even more difficult. Photo: Reto Oeschger

When the people refused in September 2017, the Reform of the pension system, requested the bourgeois social politicians quickly a new AHV Reform with women’s pension age of 65. The AHV finances, tolerated no delay. But two and a half years later the Reform bill of the Federal Council, with the name AHV 21 still left untreated in the social Commission of the Council of States.

In the second week of August, the Commission is now Hearing with the interested parties to perform. These hearings would have been scheduled for April, but the Corona-crisis has shifted the discussions to a quarter. The small chamber will therefore deal at the earliest in the autumn with AHV 21, possibly it is even the Winter.

“We need to think be honest to people and in parallel to AHV 21 on the further increase of the retirement age.”

Erich Ettlin, CVP-Ständerat

This leisurely schedule is contrasted with the increased pressure for Reform, the bourgeois social politicians find due to the Corona-crisis. “The AHV device in a very difficult oblique position, because you break the revenues and the expenses will rise due to the baby Boomer Generation,” says CVP-Ständerat Erich Ettlin. “We need to honestly think about people and parallel to AHV 21 on the further increase of the retirement age.” In order to not jeopardize the ongoing Reform with women’s pension age of 65, should not be linked to the two templates to each other.

the FDP councillor Ruedi Noser submitted this month a proposal for a large pension deal: The workers will continue to work until 67, you get two additional vacation weeks per year. For Nosers party colleague Damian Müller something hardly leads to a higher pension age for a man and a woman. The Lucerne proposes a mechanism that depends on the further financial development of the pension age gradually over 65 years increases. And even then, the AHV will need by 2035, additional VAT shares or pay contributions of several percentage points, says Müller.

No waiver of Hearing

in the Short term, but the pandemic-related economic crisis, the need for additional tax money for the AHV are harder to obtain. The Federal Council is OASI 21, a surcharge of the VAT by 0.7 percentage points. Such an increase, given the economic consequences of the Corona-crisis unacceptable, finds FDP councillor Josef Dittli. In the case of the approximation of the women’s pension age to that of men, it was a small reform step, which is in the majority of the population is capable of. In addition, there is a need for a cushioning for the women of the transition generation, as well as a modest sales tax increase by 0.2 to 0.3 percentage points.

Dittli hopes that the Council of States AHV 21 in the autumn and the national Council advises in December. Then the Reform could be adopted by March 2021 from the Parliament, definitely. Thus, the referendum in September 2021 would be possible. After that, the Federal Council had to prepare immediately a template with an increase in the reference age “in the direction of 67 years,” says Dittli. Haste is also necessary because, there is a need for a higher reference age, there may be two attempts.

For the treatment of AHV 21 in the autumn session of the Council of States would have to the social Commission to schedule additional session days.

not Yet may also Dittlis schedule goes on. As for the treatment of AHV 21 in the autumn session of the Council of States whose social Commission additional meeting would have to schedule days or in August, on the Hearing of abandon. This, however, President Paul Rechsteiner (SP) for which Commission is not eligible, even if the Parliament has already discussed retirement 2020 most of the questions of the pension reform intensive. The Commission will treat AHV 21 in the next few months, a regular, says Rechsteiner. In particular, on the question of the financing of intensive discussions were foreseeable. “The Commission claims, to work seriously,” says Rechsteiner. At least the new financial perspectives of the AHV, the Commission then presented the Federal social insurance office at the end of June or beginning of July.

65/65 Council at the earliest from 2026

Ruth Humbel (CVP), President of the national social Commission, shows, in contrast, surprised on the stand ätlichen schedule. “AHV 21 could actually be until the end of the year from the Parliament”, says Humbel. Proposals for retirement age 67 it currently holds for the game. In the current crisis, people are insecure already, and feared to the workplace. As discussions around the pension age to 67 to be counter-productive.

However, even if already, the debate about retirement age to 67 is to be launched, it can be increase 65 also, when the women’s retirement age is 65. And this is likely to be no earlier than 2026, provided the people in the second half of 2021, the Reform of the AHV 21. A first increase in the retirement age by 3 months for women would be done in 2023. 2026 – after three more increments – would then be retired, the women like the men with 65.

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