Three weeks after a deadly shot to a woman at the new year’s eve fireworks in Schönberg (Schleswig-Holstein) is not the investigator of a targeted killing. In the direct environment of the woman, it was “no motive”, the pointing to such a fact, said a senior Prosecutor Axel Bieler on Tuesday in Kiel. Previously, among other things, the radio station RSH had reported about it.

The evidence so far suggests that there are two likely scenarios, said Bieler: is Possible that the perpetrators have something else entirely – for example, a road sign – selective “and simply be missed”. But he didn’t want to shoot “somewhere into Nowhere” and the woman met.

The mother of three small children had on the night of the new year’s eve with her husband in front of the door, the fireworks want to enjoy. After a few minutes she collapsed to the floor mortally wounded. In the head of the wife metal were found splitter. For the Prosecutor it is established that a small calibre shot taken by 39-Year-old – from a pistol, a Revolver or a rifle. “Currently, the investigators of this tragic accident, ( … ), none targeted shooting,” said the police. A hot lead as to the perpetrators of it don’t give up yet, the investigation continued.