Davos can also be honest. The experts on the world economic forum with the security of information technology, Frank: you don’t have the location in the handle. You don’t even know what’s going on.

Not a single currently-used computer network is secure, and it is also not possible to predict when this will change. Intruders will be noticed much too late, actually weeks on average. Data on the incidents will not be replaced.

In the chain of the shortcomings of this last point is fatal: If the data is not divided about the attacks, and successful Hacks between companies and law enforcement authorities, not learns, the cyber police nothing, and the company also.

It gets worse: insurance on this Basis will not be able to calculate the risks and to assure the result. It is a truism that the increasingly networked and globalised world would have to huddle closely together in order to overcome the threats that bring the digital opportunities. Unfortunately, it is equally obvious that the opposite happens.

warning: Now is not the politician, comes to berate. Because private persons do not also know whether you will be hacked. And if you remember it, do not report it to the police. It must change a lot of things.