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Intel from the US warns China that it could be dominant in advanced technology

U.S. officials have issued warnings about China's ambitions to develop artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. These could give Beijing a significant military advantage...

Israel defends the use of surveillance technology against protesters

ERUSALEM -- Israel’s attorney general has affirmed the Shin Bet security agency's usage of mobile-phone tracking technology last year to monitor and threaten Palestinian...
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Pessimism in global markets, only technology is progressing

(Paris) The mood of the stock markets is rather pessimistic on Wednesday, after a rain of very mixed results and in a context still...
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Capitalizations of the technology sector | Wall Street ends up

(New York) The New York Stock Exchange ended higher on Thursday, spurred by the continued decline in bond rates, which carried the giant capitalizations...
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Stock markets gloomy, but the technology sector still stands out

(New York) Western stock markets showed two faces on Thursday, between the surge of processor giant Nvidia, which drove the technology sector, and macroeconomic...
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innovation | Create movies with gaming technology

The Quebec animation studio Squeeze recently teamed up with game developer Supercell to create a series of animated films designed with the Unreal Engine...
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Digital Life | Is technology making us stupid?

Videoconferencing mutilates social cognition. The average attention span of a human being fell between 2000 and 2013 from 12 to 8 seconds, which is...
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Feverishness in global markets, Nvidia in support of technology

(Paris) The surge in the stock market of the giant of graphics cards Nvidia, after its quarterly results, supports the technology sector, but the...
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Wall Street in scattered order, the technology supported by Nvidia

(New York) The New York Stock Exchange opened in disorganized fashion on Thursday, torn between, on the one hand, a technology sector propelled by...
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Labor shortages would hurt technology adoption by manufacturers

(Toronto) A shortage of skilled workers and funding is hurting manufacturers' ability to adopt new technologies, a new survey finds.According to the results of...


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